Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018

By | January 16, 2018

Australian Open!  It is the first grand slam to start and turn up the heat of the tennis season every year. So, why be any different this year? Australian Open is just a few days away now. It is going to start on 15th of January and continue till the 28th of the month. Be ready for the big and exaggerated Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018. The stakes are always high in this competition both as per the reputation and the prize money.

Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018:


Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018

Tennis is a very giving sport as far as it is the prize monies are concerned. Most of the tennis grand slams of the world give out huge cheques to the winners and runners-up.  When it comes to Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018, it is not far behind. The prize money for the winners of the Australian Open 2018 is a whopping AUS $55 million dollars. This is a whole ten percentage increase from the last year’s pool prize money.

Out of this AUS $55 million dollars, the winners of singles categories i.e. women’s singles and men’s singles will get a generous $4 million each. Isn’t that amazing?

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If you think only the winners and runners up get to take home huge stacks of cash, you are badly mistaken. The prize money is distributed to the players right from the first round. The following is the break of the prize money across different levels of the competition.

Level of Competition Prize Money
First Round 28.9 Thousand Pounds
Second Round 52 Thousand Pounds
Third Round 82 Thousand Pounds
Fourth Round 139 Thousand Pounds
Quarter-Final 255 Thousand Pounds
Semi-Final 509 Thousand Pounds
Runner-up 1.16 million Pounds
Winner 2.32 million Pounds

Are you astonished by the extravagant numbers of the Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018? Well, don’t be too amazed because Australian Open is not the highest prize giving grand slam. Yes! There are other grand slams which honor their tennis players with more lucrative prizes at all levels.

Take a look few of the other famous tennis tournaments in the world and how much they pay the players for the prize money as of 2017 as against the Australian Open figures of 2018.

Aus-Oepn-trophies & Australian Open Titles & Prize Money


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Tennis Tournament 1st round prize money Runners-up prize money Winners prize money
Roland Garros 29.6 thousand Pounds 859 thousand Pounds 1.8 million pounds
Wimbledon 35 thousand Pounds 1.1 million Pounds 2.2 million Pounds
Australian Open (2018) 28.9 thousand Pounds 1.16 million Pounds 2.32 million Pounds
US Open 38.6 thousand Pounds 1.4 million Pounds 2.74 million Pounds

Now that you know the Australian Open Titles & Prize Money 2018, aren’t you a bit more curious and excited to see who will take home how much money. However Rewards and Prizes apart, the stakes are high this time for the reputation of many big names of the tennis world.

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